Using Monzo in Amsterdam

Hi everyone,

Me and a group of friends are going to Amsterdam in February and a few of us have Monzo cards. One of my friends was going to just take his Monzo card and now cash (budgeting around £300 for spending). I was worried there may be some coffee shops and other places that won’t accept the card and we would reach the £200 cap for withdrawal. So was wondering if it may be best to take £100 in euros cash and leave £200 in the Monzo account. Any advice from others that may have used their cards in Amsterdam would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Good news is there is now no fee for withdrawing cash in the EEA (except if the cash machine has a charge)


I was looking at this yesterday too.

Which site did you settle on for travel and accommodation and what type of accommodation did you choose?

Just curious as prices vary. Hostels are cheap, however, until I get my first taste in Copenhagen in May, I am reluctant to book a batch of breaks using hostels. I am NOT a youngster lol, just a solo traveller.

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Last time I went to Amsterdam I stayed in the “ibis Amsterdam Centre” which is a very short walk from the train station (like 100m!), but quite convenient if you ever got lost. Rooms were uninspiring but did the job and were fairly cheap from memory.

I wouldn’t stop in a hostel, but then again I’m also not a youngster.


Most “touristy” places accept MasterCard, for most other places you’ll need a Maestro.

There’s no fee’s from monzo for withdrawing in the Netherlands, so try and find a free cash point and you’ll have no issues.

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Went to Amsterdam last March

Had no issues using Monzo in any of the multiple shops, pubs, bars, restaurants and late night eateries I went to

I did get some cash out, but that was to pay other members of the group for shared expenses rather than to buy anything. I used an ING ATM - in an appropriately orange shade - within Albert Heijn convenience store with no fuss


Hi Paul,

For flights I just looked on SkySkanner and went for the cheapest flight that had decent arrival and departure time. I booked our accommodation through their website as I’ve stayed in the place before and really enjoyed the location and atmosphere. It’s called camp zeeburg, nice site with the option of private eco cabins or camping for a decent price and about a 30min tram ride from Central.

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Though cannot find Camp Zeeburg on SkyScanner website . . . . yet :grin:



Best part of going to Amsterdam
(As well as Amstel being easily available)


I think your picking up what I’m putting down. XD

Looks an interesting option. Trams easy and cheap?


I was caught out a few times last year with places that didn’t accept Mastercard in Amsterdam. Even in a large supermarket, they only accepted Maestro. If you withdraw plenty of cash, you’ll be fine though.