Using Monzo card in Argentina

We are about to travel to Argentina. I just want to know if the regulation regarding the favorable exchange rate for non-Argentinan card is still operating and if the Monzo card qualifies for it. Does anyone know how it works?

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We are now in Argentina. We booked our taxi from the airport with Monzo last week and the exchange rate although it was better than the official one was much more expensive than the blue rate. It looks like the turist exchange rate is no longer available. If you are travelling to Argentina I recommend you to bring dollars with you and pay in cash

Igone my previous post. We have just received a payment from Monzo. It has taken one week but at the end the exchange rate was very similar to the blue rate. However if you are travelling to Argentina you sholuld bring dollars with you and change them in one of the ‘cuevas’ because in many places they only accept cash.