Argentina - Paying Online

I am currently travelling in Argentina.
I’m trying to buy bus tickets online using my monzo but it isn’t being accepted by the online retailers.
You have to choose whether the card is credit or debit, then indicate that it is Mastercard, then there is a large list of options to choose from - most of which seem specific to Argentina.
I have tried many combinations and with all of them they say that the data I input from the card is invalid.

This isn’t just a monzo problem as the same thing is happening for my wise card!

Has anyone encountered this and found out how to avoid it?

Thank you


I don’t have answers but this thread might!

I used to pay for tidal in Argentinean pesos but it got outlawed - they have currency issues over there and it’s impacting this sort of thing

I am at Argentina now. I am aware of the options on the contactless machine, just mention it is a Mastercard card and paying in pesos, they will press the correct option for you.

I have a feeling, when we use our card abroad we are using the Mastercard credit system and not debit.

So far no issues. With all that talk in bringing in lots of dollars with you is no longer required. Just bring a small amount to change. you still need these for smaller shops, local taxi, market stalls, dodgy hot dog van. So far I have change $100 which I got 100,000 peso. Most of my purchases have been done with my monzo card and getting close to the blue rate. Pesos came in handy for very small purchases and just for peace of mind just incase card not accepted.