User Research Insight to Impact at Monzo


I’m Hayley, Director of User Research here at Monzo.

Let me give you a bit more insight into my role! I lead a talented team of user researchers dedicated to ensuring that everything we build and refine meets our customers’ needs. At Monzo, our researchers are the pivotal link, aligning the needs of those with problems to the capabilities of those with the tools to solve them. We deeply value diversity within our research team, championing a wide range of viewpoints to approach topics from different perspectives. This approach not only enhances our problem-solving strategies but also guarantees that we consider the varied needs of our customer base, embodying Monzo’s commitment to inclusivity. Research has always played an important role at Monzo and we involve our customers at every step of the development journey to ensure their insights drive our progress.

I recently dropped a blog post on ways to maximise the impact of our customer driven insights. Which you can check out here :point_down:

If you have any questions or are simply eager to learn more about what we do in the Research Team at Monzo, feel free to reach out. I’m here to chat!