USD Account


Do you know any account in the UK where we can deposit dollars, please? We have some cash and where are trying to find a way we can deposit it in a bank so then we can exchange this to dollars using revolut or TransferWise. Thanks!

Probably best off going to a local money changer and swapping to GBP then depositing that, if I understand you correctly.

HSBC can do this free of charge if you hold a normal bank account with them.

Free of charge in that they do what every other bank will do here… buy your currency off you and deposit it into your gb account lol

That’s not what I meant at all, I was talking about their currency accounts.

Thanks! We will check HSBC then :slight_smile:

  • Please note : Cash deposits are not available with this account.

Thanks, Zain. We are actually interested in an account where we can deposit cash (USD). Do you know any? It looks so difficult… Maybe the best thing is exchanging it…

The only bank in the UK that allows cash currency deposits that I’ve found is Barclays.
They even pay some small interest on your USD balance (unfortunately, no interest on EUR one)
This is, however, a savings-style account, as in you don’t get a debit card to spend on, and you need to have a current account with them to open one.