USA tips not processed


I used my monzo to pay for lots of cafes/restaurants on a recent trip to the USA. I regularly added tips and expected the amounts I was charged to be updated in due course. Its been over 3 weeks and no amounts have been changed.

As I was tipping 20-25% on a fairly expensive trip I’m really worried that at some random point in the future I’m going to be hit with the charges - obviously I wanted to pay the tip but I don’t want to be left wondering how much money I have in my account!

Has anyone else experienced this? How long do I have to wait for them to be processed? Any advice would be appreciated!


Have the amounts changed from Grey to Black text colour?

My understanding from my trip to the US in January was that once the amount was confirmed it would change to black meaning it won’t change from that amount?

The amount is black in pounds and grey in US dollars underneath.