UK Monzo in US: tips added later - must I watch them all?

Hi, I’ve noticed that restaurant bills may be charged without tip, then the tip amount is added some days later. So far, none incorrect.

My Qs:

  1. How is the latter amount (tip) added later?
  2. What prevents other retailers from ‘adjusting’ the charge, after I’ve left? Apart from keeping all receipts, any other precautions?

Hello! Is it the same transaction that updates to a different amount, or is the tip taken as a separate transaction?

If it’s the former, then it’s a matter of the settlement amount the merchant presents being different to the authorised amount. If the latter, then the merchant charges your card again when they process tips.

Nothing stopping others from doing either other than trading regulations and wanting to keep their reputation intact

For the second, generally the card terminals don’t allow adjustment of transactions after authorization if it’s not a restaurant or fast food place.

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Quite possibly charge the full amount initially, but then present it as two payments later on.

Many services work like this such as booking multiple flights or multiple products from some retailers.

Americans and their effing tips.

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Becoming really commonplace here too, and I hate it


Just got back from three weeks in the US and enjoyed fee-free spending with Monzo. Of all the transactions in restaurants, I had no issues with the tips, but you could add a text note to your transactions in the app, noting the full $ amount including tip, so when it settles a few days later, you have peace of mind it’s correct?