US Launch - Frequently Asked Questions

OK…thank you for the reply…But i was just thinking with your “bright Orange” bank card you guys would fit right in with the Miami scene. I think that could be a promo bonus to promote that card as part of Miami !!
Just knowing one of Florida staples is the Color “Orange”! :smiley:

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What date are Monzo aiming to launch properly in the US? It’s amazing how quickly N26 seem to have gone from announcement to operation (obviously not necessarily a good thing!)

Emphasis on the parentheses- they moved so quickly from beta to launch and bungled my debit card delivery to the point that I signed up for my N26 card when I got the beta invite but didn’t actually get my card until the day before they properly went live.

N26 launched their product too soon without finalising their product. I opened an account with them and tried to use it. First of all, there is no way-other than direct deposit- to add money. My other bank accounts nad PayPal didn’t recognize N26 routing number. Couldn’t add the debit card to Apple Pay. Tried to transfer money using N26 debit card to other accounts. Still it failed due to unknow reasons. When I checked with N26, they said they were working on it. I got fed up with them and asked them to close my account as I couldn’t use it. :triumph:

I agree with this completely. I’m hoping Monzo is able to address a lot of the areas where N26 falls woefully short. There’s no online bill pay, no remote deposit, no ability to pay via check (where the bank sends a check on your behalf) and a real lack of any useful rewards. My first online checking account was ING Direct all the way back in 2005 and it’s still maybe the best account i’ve ever used. I know Monzo plans to launch a “soft” version in the US but I truly hope it has most, of not all of these features so it can truly replace my brick and mortar account


How many people are currently on the US waiting list?

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Hey I’m a bit late to the party but would love to try Monzo in the US! My partner and I are both in Seattle and would love if you guys were interested in hosting an event here! I’m mostly interested in Monzo for the API features which I’m okay with accessing through IFTTT. Haven’t done my research yet so is this feature going to work in the US? Thank you!

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Hi ordered card 5 days ago when I should get it?