US Launch - Frequently Asked Questions

Hi everyone! :wave:

We’ve made this thread to answer some of the most common questions we’re getting about our US launch. Let us know if there’s else you think we should add.

When is Monzo coming to the USA?

Soon! We’ll be opening the first US Monzo accounts this summer.

Like we did when we first got started in the UK, we’ll host in-person events in major US cities, a few hundred people at a time. This will let us meet and speak to our early users, and gives you a chance to meet the people behind the product.

Want us to come to your city? Get your local friends to join the waitlist and let us know you’d come to an event — we’ll do our best to stop by!

What’s the best way to stay up to date on what’s happening and when?

Any of these would work:

  • Follow us on Twitter!
  • Join the waitlist to get regular email updates!
  • Ask us right here on the forum!
  • Come to our first events — we’d love to meet you!

What’s with the waitlist?

We’re taking our time opening up Monzo in the US so we have the chance to talk to you, get feedback, and build the right kind of bank. By joining the waitlist, you’re signing up to hear about our progress, get invited to our launch events, and be one of the first to get access to Monzo US. You can join the waitlist here.

Where can I share feedback or ideas for Monzo in the USA?

Here on the forum. Please drop any thoughts here in the Monzo USA category so we can keep everything all in one place.

I have a UK Monzo account, will I be able to switch to a US account?

Keep in mind that this could still change. But here’s our latest answer to this question:

Can I send money to my friends in the US?

Not just yet. At launch, payments with friends will be limited to people with accounts from the same country as you, but we plan to add support for international peer to peer payments later!

I have a UK Monzo account, will I get a referral bonus when I refer my American friends to sign up?

Not right now, but stay tuned for updates on what referral in the US will look like.

I’m in the US and on the waitlist, how can I get a :us: flag on my avatar?

Join the group here (it’s opt-in!)


@cookywook I’ve just received an invite to the beta testing signup event, and i’ve registered for the Santa Monica one next Thursday, however I’ve just read the Eventbrite details and it specifically says:


If you are a current Monzo UK account holder you can’t open an account just yet – but don’t worry! You’ll be able to get a Monzo US account very soon. We’re working on how the accounts will work together and would love to hear your ideas on our forum.

I wasn’t sure if this meant I should not even attend the event, or that I can attend the event, get registered for beta testing, but just have to wait for the account to be made available? I don’t want to waste my evening driving out to Santa Monica if there is no reason to do so just yet.

Many thanks.

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Hey there I plan on going to the Santa Monica launch next Thursday. I’m on the waitlist and I have a few questions. Can anyone join that day as long as they have the correct documentation or this only open to people that live in Southern California? Also, do I have to be there exactly at 7pm or can I show up at any time during the 7-9pm window?

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You can definitely still join us at the event if you want to hang out, get some free drinks (and swag!), and meet the team, but we won’t be able to have you sign up just yet.

It’s something we’re working on finishing up soon though, so I wouldn’t expect a long wait for this.

Let me know if I can help with anything else!


Hi Juan! Welcome to the forum!

I think I got you your answers on Twitter:

But feel free to reach out again if you need anything else! :blush:

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I’ve got an SSN and I’m over 21 but don’t have a government-issued ID (just moved from the UK), would a passport work? I don’t have a Monzo UK account.


A passport is a government issued ID.

Thank you!! Another question - will only the people that live/have an address in the Santa Monica region be allowed to open an account? I live in Sacramento, but I will be in LA for work this week. Will I still be able to open an account?

A passport will work just fine! We’re excited to see you there! :smile:

Hi Juan,

We’re are not restricting to Santa Monica addresses, but good question. You’ll be just fine!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip in LA!

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If I live in Texas, will I still be able to open an account once it is launched? Or do I need to wait until y’all come to Texas? :frowning:

Hey Tori, welcome to the community!

For the near future we’ll be focusing on handout events as the only way of distributing cards so that we get to meet as many of you in person as possible, and to make sure we’re on hand to make the sign up process as smooth as possible in these early stages.

Don’t worry though, we’re planning on expanding outside of LA and SF and would like to visit as many places as we can.

Where in Texas would you like to see an event?

Hi Anthony!

I am in San Antonio, but I would totally be willing to travel where ever y’all land! I recently spent a week with one of our new hires from Glasgow and she was telling me all about y’all and I cannot wait to open one!!

Where can I see the schedule on handout events in SF and LA? I do travel for work a lot and if I happen to be in Cali around that time, I would love to come.


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We don’t currently have a schedule beyond knowing we’re having an event in SF on Wednesday.

Keep an eye out on here, or our twitter for when we announce more :raised_hands:

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Thank you!! :slight_smile:

any plans to be in NYC soon?

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Not immediately but watch this space :wink:

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@Anthony Hello…I’ve been reading a bit about your financial institution…sounds interesting. I’m in south Florida is there any chance you have Miami/Ft Lauderdale on your future promo areas to visit.

Thanks for your time.

Hey Kenneth, welcome to the community!

We don’t currently have Miami on our promo areas to visit as we haven’t confirmed our launch strategy yet. We’re still working on incorporating all the feedback and learnings from our first two events.

We’ll either be there at some point or you be able to get a card by ordering from home in the app and we’ll send one out once we’ve opened that up.

Hope that helps :raised_hands: