Umbrella groups for spending categories

So quick story to give context. I’m looking to sort out my budgeting and spending and want to try out the 50/30/20 budget. This is 50% on essentials, 20% saved and 30% on anything else.

I use Monzo as my primary account and so want to be able to group existing categories into further groups.

E.g. I would want to see Transport, Bills and Groceries all together in one group as this would be my 50% essentials group.


I’m afraid people have been begging for control of categories for a while with no discernible impact…

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I like the idea of umbrella groups: rainy day money! :umbrella::umbrella:

The best tool I have found for categorising transactions has got to be Yolt (owned by Dutch banking group ING). And it hooks into Monzo & Starling along with most major banks and credit card providers.

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I’ve actually just downloaded this. Do you know if Yolt is better than Emma?

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I’m about to start trialling Emma alongside Yolt to see how they compare but so far Yolt has done everything I want it to do.

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