Tymit Digital Credit Card

I’ve had to change my personal details and it was eaaipeasi with the customer support so I can only say good things so far but in honesty not used it much.

I closed my amount too, their systems have some concerning bugs.

I had an card verification check, where they apply a small charge but never collect the money, despite repeated conversations with support and assurances that it would drop off , it never did. The system never made a distinction between an authorisation and an actual charge.

I paid it as unlike a normal card, it was set to pay immediately, and their system didn’t acknowledge an over payment

When I closed the account, they never even mentioned it, so I’m chasing it.

If you raise complaints with them, they don’t seem to properly acknowledge them or handle them properly.

I wouldn’t go near them again.


I got a reply back from them after saying I wanted my account closing as I can’t access the app due to a pin number error.

They’re aware of the issues and trying to resolve it, I can see people complaining as far back as 10 days about that issue, so glad I’ve not actually used the account and it’s straight forward to say see you later goodbye. I got the usual well you’ll not be able to open another account for 6b months, aye that’s orite I’ll never want to use your service anyways

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They’ve still not resolved my issue yet!
I’ve now had the notification saying the next payment is due in 3 days time… so that’ll now be 2 payments I’ve had to pay when it was supposed to be extended to 36mths instead of 24 months. They are claiming the feature is now ready yet despite advertising it via email way back at the middle of March/beginning April.

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I used LinkedIn to connect to their CEO and ask if he was trading their own community board like this one - although it’s not very busy like Monzo’s.

This came after all the problems mentioned so far here escalated when a PayPal payment failed as did an Amazon payment - both of which had worked previously.

after customer support claimed that they don’t support PayPal (!) it transpired that the authorisations were failing due to lack of capacity of their systems and he made an apology to the bulletin board and an email to customers…

I think he’s in denial about outstanding issues but IMHO the concept is good but execution is poor. The company is only 26-30 strong and although they are recruiting extra developers most are in Madrid where the Customer support function is centred - given the lack of understanding when reporting issues or strange answers that don’t make sense when received - I suggested to the CEO that if he has to base it in Spain hire native language speakers in English their to increase trust - espextif the UK is their initial major target market.

I’ve frozen my card and will pay off the balance this week despite taking advantage of their 3 month interest free spread - the problem with that offer is it increases likelihood of taking on too much debt!

Lastly the most amusing bug is that their £15 client referral fee to existing users and new users doesn’t work on Facebook- a bug that they still hadn’t fixed a few days ago.

Oh dear - Monzo please release your own credit card in 2020 - the fintech “competition” is awful!

Alas that appears resolved for me too but has gone wrong again yesterday and today just when I’m trying to work out the real amount I owe!

They had £5m VC funding fairly recently so who Noe’s how long that will last?

So I’ve had an update from them and thought I’d share.
They have now resolved the issue and my card can now be extended to 36 monthly instalments as promised back in March.
They admitted the issue should not have taken as long as it should have.

I had also posted on their forum a few months ago about how a PS5 would likely be something I’d use my card for. As part of the issues I’ve been having, they’ve offered to credit my Tymit card with £150 to hopefully put towards the cost of the PS5 when it’s released.

That is an incredible gesture from them. It was never about looking for a financial gain but more so to have the issue resolved. If this whole experience helps them shape resolving issues like this much much quicker in future then I’m glad I highlighted the poor experience to them.

I just thought I’d share since I was quick enough at ranting when it was taking a while to resolve! :slight_smile:


I changed my PIN as soon as I received the card. But the app never updated to show the new PIN.

Multiple chases via customer support, was told they would look into and never heard back.

Needless to say, account now closed.

I too got a lovely message from their cops yesterday to ask if my issue was resolved as they were sure they had since my first contact and to apologise deeply for any inconvenience caused.

My issue was resolved and it was nice they came back to confirm. Also the last update seemed to fix the ridiculous hang time after Face ID before the app logs in which is a plus.

I’ll continue to use them for now. I wanted Tymit because I loved the premise of how it worked, they’ve got improvements to make, but I don’t think i can complain about how they dealt with the 1 issue I faced.

Nice gesture from them for you as well :slight_smile:


I think they’ve just swapped the order that things happen in to make the app seem faster.

I think it used to download all your balance/transaction data behind that stalled login screen, and not let you in until it had done so. Now it lets you in straight away, but puts loading spinners on the various bits of data while it grabs them all.

It’s definitely an improvement, but it does highlight how dog slow the app is to initially grab its data - especially compared to how fast Monzo does it these days.

I think the app is built with some cross-platform framework which is why it’s so slow and just a bit off in places. It’s pure speculation on my part, but it doesn’t ‘feel’ native. I think writing a proper app would help a lot (especially for a mobile-first card).

£5,000 online card usage per month seems pretty low?

I can’t confirm the validation code :pensive:

Had the same issue magically fix itself after contacting support

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Ok yesterday I closed my Tymit and Tandem credit card Accounts. So far no fintech credit card meets my expectations so I am glad I have my Nationwide select card still. I don’t get real time updates on spending now although I can at least see payments take off balance owed in real time! No annoying bugs and customer service when I need it. Over to Monzo in the longer term if ever I’m going to switch credit card provider methinks!

They fixed it 2 days ago, now it is crashing after entering the code :man_shrugging:

Link it to a Curve card and then you can get the instant real-time updates and currency exchange for free.

Yeah it seems they’ve made the process asynchronous, so that on successful FaceID/PIN (done locally) it’ll show spinners whilst in the background it talks to their APIs.

No idea why their APIs are so slow though, it’s not great for a fintech!

The new Capital One issued Post Office credit cards apparently have realtime notifications, although currently it seems their app isn’t actually on the Play Store :thinking:

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