Tymit Digital Credit Card

That’s correct. £200 monthly emergency cash advance that will not be reported to the CRA(‘s)as a cash advance.

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Those with experience with Tymit, can you please let me know how repayments should work? The app now says my November bill is due by 7 December with a value of X/3 (X being the sum of transactions this month, spread over three months).

But when I tap pay bill, it only gives me an option to pay X by bank transfer…

Will this change at the end of November/closer to the due date? I feel like the app could be clearer what is due and when as I am not sure if this is a bill already closed, or what is going on… puts me off using Tymit really

It’ll take whatever the amount is for that particular month, it never shows the full outstanding overall balance for payment. I’m assuming I read your post correctly, still waking up :upside_down_face:

If you’ve paid some off in advance it’ll just take the remaining for that month too.

This is what mine currently shows as the monthly payment, the 1st screen is if I want to pay manually

It’s fucked then :upside_down_face:

Also just noticed it says due today? Why did I ever sign up?

@Pipo any ideas?

I see that billing is still the disaster that it was when I left 18 months ago…

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Yep sorry about that.
We had a release go a bit prematurely (someone had a :tropical_drink: too many over Thanksgiving :joy:)
Our team is fixing it now and it should be sorted within the hour. :pray:

Sorry, what does that mean? Is the due date on the payment screen wrong, or the amount, or (hopefully) both?

Both unfortunately! :pensive:
I understand its quite annoying so if you want to know your correct numbers please stick to what you see in the rest of the app, or feel free to reach out to our team.

Please logout, clear the app’s cache, login and see if numbers add up correctly.