Trends hangs and links go to the wrong month

I shared part of this in another place, but probably worth surfacing here:

1) Trends hanging on Android.

If I swipe back to previous months, I frequently get a spinning wheel thing and Trends hangs :frowning:

**2) Tapping into a category at the bottom takes you to the wrong month

Tapping into a category to get a spend breakdown takes me to the wrong month. Instead of the month selected, it takes me to the month before.


(Liberally cc’ing @tjvr again)


Same here when swiping back or forward fast.

If you swipe very controlled and wait until the current month is fully loaded I think it doesn’t trigger.

Also when it’s loading if you go to the feed and then back to trends it also takes you to the last loaded month, not the loading one.

Android 12 latest beta.

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@Peter_G thanks for reporting these issues.
The first one should be fixed in version 4.37.0 which is currently in beta and I think this fix should also fix the second issue with the category feeds.
But if you see either of these again in 4.37.0, let me know and I’ll take another look


On 4.37.0 beta - Just tried ‘fast’ rewinding to random months. The spinner spins for about half a second while the data piles through, then the display is there. Tapping on any category shows the data for the selected (correct) month.

So it seems to be fixed for me.

If I try and replicate:

I have to rewind really fast to get to a month where the spinner spins and then quickly tap on ‘Home’ to get to the feed before the data loads, then when I tap on Trends, it shows the current month - which I’d expect to be normal behaviour.

So it seems fixed. At least for me :+1:


Fixed for me too.