Traveling to Indonesia


I am traveling to Indoneisa on Friday.
I have read some comments from different people having issues when trying to use Monzo in Bali.
Does anyone know if this is still happening?
Is there any other thing I should take into consideration?

It was still happening a month ago. They sometimes told me they had had experience of Monzo cards not working, and I then just asked them to try. Most of the time, they were willing to do so, and everything went through fine. However, a few wanted to charge me a 3% transaction fee.

No issue at ATMs, though.

Thanks Justin
So if they want to charge me a fee I am on my right to decline it, correct?

I don’t believe the same laws apply in Indonesia as in the UK. If you decline the card surcharge, they may refuse your card. You should probably work it out on a case-by-case basis - and keep some cash handy, just in case.


I’m in Bali at the moment and have been using my Monzo card fine! You just need to remember to turn on the ‘magstripe ATM’ setting in the app if you plan on using an ATM!

Some places will add on a 3% fee but If you are just buying lunch or dinner this will be pennies added on top.