Travel style preference

I’ve been on the road for 488 days and currently I have been travelling with Osprey Farpoint 70, which has main bag 55L and a daypack 13L that is perfect as a personal item.

But I’m hoping to change to a smaller Farpoint that I also bought a while ago 40L, which is good as carry-on and 13L daypack. I still have some time before I go to Europe but trying to prepare myself.

How about you guys? How do you travel and do you use any hacks/tips to make sure you fit everything?

Also do you find it unacceptable that on low-cost airlines the carry-on seems to be more expensive then checked-in?

I understand they might be doing this to speed the process but still…

I managed to spend an entire week in LA a year ago with only a carry-on. I impressed myself.

But then I spent another 6 weeks there this year and bought so much stuff that I had to buy another bag to bring it all home :pensive:

Swings and roundabouts :joy:

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I usually just travel with a little bag with my laptop and documents. Everything else I buy on-site once I arrive there. I hate packing and messing around with luggage so much I’d rather just buy everything (plus there’s always the risk of your stuff getting lost/delayed anyway).


3 large suitcases for travel plus a normal sized back pack for the plane

What do you do with it when you return?

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