Travel cash card or my Monzo card in India?

(Stanislas Kuderski) #1

Hi, I’m travelling to India in October and i wonder if FairFX and Caxton cards wouldnt be cheaper than my Monzo card. I hear caxton has free withdrawals and no commission on payments !

(Jack) #2

Nothing will beat Monzo when it comes to payments I can 100% guarantee that.

Regarding cash withdrawals its free on Monzo for the first £200 every 30 days then 3% per withdrawal after that. You may find a card that provides cheaper ATM withdrawals overall but not on card payments (although others will likely match)

(Andy Little) #3

I believe Starling match Monzo on card transactions.

They also offer unlimited cash withdrawals at the same rate Monzo gives for the first £200.

(Andy - Customer of Monzo - Own Thoughts) #4

Yep, that is correct they both give the MasterCard exchange rate which can be found on