Which?: "The Best Debit Cards To Use Abroad"



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thats it then Im getting a Norwich and Peterborough - wonder if they have got joint accounts :slight_smile: and ditching my Lloyds and Co op - £15 for £150 - wow :slight_smile:

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No Monzo on the list :confused:

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Odd thing is; the article is about debit cards.

Then this;

If your bank is one of the more expensive on the market, head to Which? Money Compare to find which Best Rate credit card for overseas spending is worth considering.

Which refers you to a list of credit cards.


N&P are closing all current accounts.

And the £15 are on £250. (“Total charge based on 2 x £50 purchases and 3 x £50 cash withdrawals.”) But I still agree with the “wow”!


Is Monzo free (the same completely free as Starling in this example?)


Well, it would’ve been free in this table. In practice: purchases are always free. Cash withdrawals abroad are free up to £200 a month, and attract a 3% fee thereafter.

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The current account is. The only difference would be that there is a 3% charge for ATM withdrawals totaling over £200 in a rolling 30 day period.