Transwise currency exchange

Paying in a foreign currency with Transwise is most frustrating as it only gives you the option for a £ total and no converted amount or rate of exchange until all codes and numbers are entered. Then no way to change amounts without going back and entering codes and numbers again. A very frustrating app!

This isn’t a TransferWise issue, it’s a Monzo issue. If you go to the TransferWise website (or app) you can input an exact foreign currency amount.

It has been an annoyance from day one of Monzo foreign transfers, has been discussed elsewhere on the forum, but Monzo have elected not to fix it.

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Did they give a reason?

Plus one for this topic…total pain. In the app it gives the instant conversion inc fees…before you progress to adding the account numbers etc…all good so far, the trouble is the conversation amount is shoved off the edge of the screen and there is no way to see it…