Transferwise IBAN and BIC?

Hi everyone,

I’ve seen I need a transferwise to receive payments from abroad, which I have.

I need the above two details for Amazon affiliates in the US. Do I need the borderless card?

These are the details I’m being asked for:


I believe that you will need a Borderless account. You don’t need the card, but you’ll get one anyway.

It’s so long since I applied for one, I don’t recall how long it took, but it was certainly only a few days at most.


You don’t need the physical card to get this information.

It should be shown alongside your Borderless account details. You may need to confirm your identity. You’ll need to contact TransferWise Support to obtain an IBAN.

Side note: You may have to receive the payment to the USD TransferWise account and then convert it, since AFAIK, the GBP account can only receive GBP transfers. Someone else may be able to confirm this.

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Thanks, so I need to put £20 in my account?

Can I get this back afterwards?

Thanks :smiley:

You don’t need to purchase the card.

I sent money to the US without ordering a card. You should simply be able to use the app.

Managed to do it, needed to go into balances. Thanks!

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