Transfers in €


If I receive a transfer in € in my account, does Monzo charge commission for making the change to £?

Thanks for answering.

I’m pretty sure it’ll need converting to GBP before it can be credited to your account using such tools as Revolut or TransferWise.

Monzo can receive payments in Euros, and they will perform the foreign exchange. They don’t mention what rate is used, though:

This doesn’t apply to SEPA credits, though, so you’re best using TransferWise unless you’re sure how the money is being sent.

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When I received a refund into my account in euros it was converted fee free and at the mastercard exchange rate as would be done for card payments.



Was this a card refund, or a transfer into your account?

It was a card refund so I do appreciate it could be different.

Thank you sou much for everybody :smiley:

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