Transfers from Nationwide accounts

Does anyone know why transferring money from a Nationwide account to Monzo, you have to use your card reader every time? If I transfer from Nationwide to Lloyds I don’t have to. Is it because Nationwide doesn’t think Monzo is very secure?

You don’t have to use it every time? At least, I never did. With Nationwide, you use it for the first transfer and then it’s a trusted payee.

Unless the initial payment was very small? I’m not sure if the system is different on the online banking though, as I normally use the mobile app.



I only had to use my card reader the first time (as with every transfer to a new account). Since then, I can transfer in the app without using my card reader


weird. It won’t let me do it. Maybe its because I’m trying to do it one after the other. I will try again tomorrow.

Thanks, Ive tried both the app and online. Maybe its because I have tried to transfer one after the other and I have to wait a bit.

Frequently move money between NW, Starling and Monza. Never needed the card machine after the first time I made the transfer.


Hubby just tried to speak with Nationwide about it but hung up after they put him on hold for 10 mins. What a pain.

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I’m always moving money from Nationwide -> Monzo. Once I added myself as a payee, never had to use the card machine.


If Nationwide don’t sort this out then I wish I had not moved my account from Lloyds now. :frowning:

I don’t need the card reader every time. Just first time a new payee is setup.

I find Nationwide’s secure messaging support to be quite good, in that they actually read your question and give you a direct answer instead of an answer to a vaguely related question that exists in their head and they find easier to answer (hello HSBC). They also respond on weekends. Perhaps send them a message. Should get a response tomorrow.

As an aside, I wish Nationwide would do away with their card reader and instead use the phone app for second factor authentication.


Me too. But I have just transferred £0.02 to my Monzo account in 10 seconds, with no requirement for a reader.

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When you log in to online banking, do you use your card reader to log in? If you simply use memorable information you’ll have to use your card reader more once you’re inside.

Use the app, no card reader required.

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I have tried both the website and the app. Asks for the card reader on both everytime I hit confirm after entering the amount to pay.

Payments to Lloyds are fine. We have messaged them and will wait to see what they say.

I find anything over £250 to Monzo from Nationwide and it asks for the card reader.

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Right I have been testing. I have 3 nationwide accounts. I have set Monzo up on all of them as a payee to transfer to. One of the nationwide accounts is hubby’s and 2 are mine. I have sent money on all of them and all of them need the card reader all the time. I am not sure what this proves but can only assume Nationwide doesn’t like Monzo accounts. Maybe everyone else who transfers ok have had their transfers setup for a while. It could be something that is happening new.

Will have to hope they will shed some light when they reply to my messages.

Good news this morning. Transfers now work without card reader. I guess there is a time limit for new payees to become fully active after all :slight_smile: