Transferring money to current account and keeping up with competitors

I think Monzo becoming a fully fledged all singing dancing bank with bells on :slight_smile: is a bit closer than 6-9 months away - Monzo got their restricted licence in Aug and were hoping for their full licence in Q1 2017 also here -

Ive got it in my mind from somewhere that it was “usually” about a 6 month period from the banking licence with restrictions to full licence which would be about Feb - Mar 2017 not the actual 6 -9 months from now as suggested by the roadmap - they will have to be raising their next funding round (c.£15-20m) in the next couple of months to have the readies available to receive their full licence with sufficient cash deposit guarantees for customers to be able to open the current account side - busy busy times for the guys at Monzo - incredible really considering they have to keep everything running smoothly , with a few updates to the app and regulatory hoop jumping