Someone from monzo please help me

I have found it so difficult on your website to chat to someone or post something. I need to understand 4 things. If I were to open a business account with you, for my Art sales business how much would you charge me monthly, how much would you charge me per transaction (so every sale), how much would you charge me for changing foreign money to pounds & how how much would you charge me for moving money from the UK to an Australian back account?

Download the app and apply for a business account the process tells you everything you need

I am very old school and just need someone to talk too

The information is here -

the account could be free or £5 a month depending on which you choose

transferwise can transfer funds to Australia for a very reasonable commission

I dont believe Monzo offer a service to accept foreign currency and convert it to GBP

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i appreciate the response but can someone just tell how much commission Monzo would take to transfer pounds to AUD

monzo dont offer this service

You’d need to use transferwise for that as Monzo don’t do international transfers.

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Monzo are not old school.

Most of your questions can be answered if you do some research yourself.

@SarahBrit - In case it’s not clear - the answer’s you’ve received are from users/customers. This is a user forum. You don’t usually get responses from Monzo staff on here.

It’s a shame Monzo don’t seem to have a phone enquiry line for answering queries from potential business account customers (as far as I can see). For further information it might be worth filling out the “Tell me more” form on this page:

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It looks like everyone has been fab with answering your questions here! Just to add to this/confirm though:

  • In terms of monthly fees for a business account, this will be either free or £5, dependant on whether you opt for the Lite or Pro tier. You can check out the differences between the two on our website.
  • There’s no fees for UK bank transfers or card payments. Cash withdrawals in the UK are free too. There’s more details on any fees here.
  • As mentioned, at the moment we’re not connected to any international payment systems so international transfers aren’t something we support just yet. We have a TransferWise integration in the app for sending payments from your personal account, but this isn’t something our business accounts have at the moment.
  • You can keep an eye out on our Public Roadmap to follow what the team are working on in terms of improving business accounts. This includes offering international transfers in the future :crossed_fingers:
  • If you don’t have one already, it’s worth bearing in mind you would need a personal account open before you can apply for a business account. This is free to leave open though, so you can use it as much or as little as you like if you’re mostly interested in a business account.

Although there’s not a direct line through to the business banking team yet, if you pop an email over to with any other questions, you can absolutely be passed directly over to us so we can help! The link @o99 sent above should be handy too :hot_coral_heart: