Transfer funds out of Mondo

After recently learning about ’ Revolut ’ from reading this forum, I decided to download and give it a try.

I have to say, I am quite drawn in by the service. Although there is a lot the service doesn’t offer; when compared to Mondo.

This service, seems to have drawn me in and has lowered my use of Mondo. Which I don’t like, as Mondo is my preference.

However, the functionality of being able to withdraw funds right back to my bank account. Is a useful feature.

Does Mondo have plans to bring this feature?

If it doesn’t turn heads, it would be good for those of us who like ‘Revolut’ to share why, so Mondo has ideas and feedback. That can be used to progress the service and be a good competitor.


Thanks Luke, I don’t actually need to do this now it is just a useful feature.

I think we maybe a little bit away from a full bank for now …?