Transaction secondary line suggestion

(Lewis Fleming) #1

I back the odd project on Kickstarter and each time the Monzo transaction merchant/description comes through slightly different depending on what I’ve backed and sometimes the logo is missing. I know this might be opening a can of worms but using the secondary transaction description line to tell me what type of project I backed would be useful.

(Alex Sherwood) #2

This would be very handy.

I expect this is the sort of thing that Monzo or a 3rd party developer will be able to build, once the API is ready.

Some members of Monzo’s team have already built an app that retrieves your journey details from Uber, for each journey you make & the underlying concept is similar.

(Naji Esiri) #3

I don’t think this would confuse things at all, I think it could be really helpful! Would you mind if I added this to the shortlist for the Extraordinary Ideas Board? We add a couple each Thursday! :roll_eyes:

(Terry) #4

I think this is a great idea, the only thing I can’t work out is how to identify what transaction is for what product as the merchant does not pass this over.

My idea would be to have a special custom e-mail address that you could setup a mail forwarding rule which would forward whatever e-mail invoice you wanted to Monzo for OCR. Monzo could then match this up with the transaction and display the product details. I guess this could work for any online company that sends an invoice?


(Lewis Fleming) #5

@Naji Sure feel free to add it to the Extraordinary Ideas Board :thumbsup:
Just to clarify, by can of worm’s I was meaning how would this work with the rest of the sub messaging ecosystem. It’s often easy to look at a problem in isolation not having to think about the bigger picture. For instance, there might be a delayed transaction from Kickstarter, would that messaging override the name of the thing you have backed. Maybe it just gets concatenated and there is a character limit with the last few character fading out before the cost. Also, users might get confused because some transactions come with a sub message (uber, Kickstarter for example) but other like (John Lewis, Tesco’s) don’t. All that aside it would be a great problem to tackle and solve :slight_smile: