Transaction Follow-ups

Marking a payment as ‘follow-up’ if we’re expecting a refund and getting a reminder X days later if the payment hasn’t already been refunded.


Good idea I’d use this a fair bit


For the sake of fleshing this idea out a bit, do you have a particular example case in mind?

Not sure I would use it much, especially now I have sorted most of my card checks on moving over to Monzo

That said, would definitely have no objections to a switch under the transaction, like already there for repeat payment, to enable this

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Returning an online order for example - you won’t get the refund until about a week later once it’s delivered and the refund processed by the company


Aye, seems like a good idea. Would have been useful for the interminable delay in Paypal refunding my HSBC credit card in my days just before Monzo!

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I would use a flagging feature a lot, most often for refunds. :hugs: At the moment I just add a note and hope I don’t forget.

I also make purchases on behalf of an club. While I mark these as expenses, it would be great if I could flag them as not refunded until I get the money back.

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I would definitely find this feature really useful and think initially it could be really simple to mark a transaction as needing review in X days. Obviously you could get really complicated with linking transactions etc.

All I want to replace is when I am expecting a refund from a retailer, to not have to open my calendar and create a reminder to check a particular transaction.