Trading 212 (T212)

With correct details, it’s 90 minutes in and the money hasn’t arrived yet.

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It should auto get kicked back - go to T212 not Monzo if it’s a FPS payment. Monzo can’t reverse it.

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If it’s wrong it can take up to end of next working day to reverse.

Could also be held for checks at 212.

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I asked Monzo and they didn’t seem to know what on earth I was talking about so I just said don’t worry about it thanks anyway. :joy:

Yet to hear back from T212 but honestly I don’t really care if it’s gone, I know it was a risk that’s why I sent such a trivial amount.

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Still not arrived three hours in. If memory serves it is way quicker if you send the money in during working hours (i.e. from 9 to 4-ish) when you’re talking an hour or so.

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Has trading212 stopped showing price changes as ‘after hours’ and just showing them as for that day as if trading is open?

Looks normal on mines.

Yeah my app shows same but not the web. Also now if I login on web it logs me out the app and vice versa

Hasn’t it always done that? Has as long as I remember.

not for me, I have always had the app on my phone and the web page open on my desktop browser

After them asking for a bank statement showing the transaction this morning the money just hit my account. Not heard from live chat yet but I assume they tracked it down and sent it to my account.

My money turned up at 7.30 this morning. Tried some more at 9am and it turned up in just under two hours.

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They’ve just deposited the money again, so now I have £0.95 twice going into my account. :sweat_smile:

Wonder why it’s not arriving in the faster payments timescale in the evening? Surely there can’t be some manual processes behind the scenes??

So they took back the double deposit and now all is sorted, apparently!

this has now changed for me in app too and doesn’t show as ‘pre-market’ just shows as today

Trading 212 have now launched their Cash ISA

5.2% Variable
Flexible ISA
Interest paid daily
FSCS protection


Thanks! Just opened one via the app, very quick and easy. I think I prefer this to Chip (not just because of the rate).

Can you have pots within the account like Zopa or is it like Monzo where you just have the one?

Poor choice of examples because Monzo does have pots within the account as well. :upside_down_face:

But in T212 you get one of each account type and that’s it. There are no pots or sub accounts etc.