Trademark infringement?

Hello fellows in Monzo!

Walking around Barcelona I noticed a trademark infringement. (Carrer de Corsega 452)

Just leaving this here! :upside_down_face:


Now that is cheeky! The logo and everything.

:monzo: :scream:


YI know! And it looks like recently painted

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Don’t know what you mean, it’s completely different.

There’s an accent over the last O…


First Monzo high street branch confirmed?:monzo:


Monzo takes an… interesting approach to breaking the Spanish market!

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And there’s me wondering how you pronounce that O with the accent over it…:thinking:

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Trademark infringement? Nah, nothing to see here

I think we now all need to call it “Mon-th-oh!!” for the genuine Spanish flavour.


Asked the eldest, who does Spanish, and apparently it adds emphasis so it would be Mon-th-O

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Looks like Monzo will need to rebrand again!

First Mondo, then Monzo, what will the new name be?!


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As I understand it, in my beginner Spanish, it’s an O with an added emphasis. Those accents are usually found on vowels to emphasise their pronunciation. It’s technically the same letter though, unlike “n” and “ñ”, which are different letters and why Spanish has 27 of them…

Interestingly, Monzo appears to have a bike rental place in Valencia and a bar in Torrevieja, Spain…

It’s also a village in La Coruña in northern Spain. Perhaps we should be pronouncing it Montho. :slight_smile:

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Anyone who can translate Spanish? What’re the services listed on the right? :smile:

It’s actually Catalan

I’m 1/2 Spanish from that region

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My mate Google can. It’s not Spanish. It’s Catalan I think.

At a guess, it’s a building company.

Looks like a rehabilitation/reform project & hostelry.

Literal translation is:
Rehabilitation projects
Projects for hospitality
Reforms in general
Home repairs
Spare parts and supplies


:rotating_light: What if we’ve got this the wrong way round and a Monzo designer was inspired on a wander around Barcelona a few years ago? Is everything we know a lie?!

This is, almost certainly, not true. :monzo:


Who is copying who? :eyes: