Totals/Targets for standing orders

(Tony Hoyle) #1

I have a standing order paying back a loan. The company has no web accessible information, so it’s ‘blind’ unless you phone them up for an update.

How about a way to mark a standing order (or direct debit) so that it shows amount paid and that value subtracted from a total (or number of months paid/to go maybe). It’s one more piece of information then I could see at a glance without having to manually calculate it.

(Damian) #2

I had a similar idea in regard to variable direct debits for credit card payments. I have several setup to pay off my credit cards in full each month but then often find myself noting down the expected DD amounts on a scrap of paper when I receive the statements to make sure I have enough funds in my current account to cover them. It would be really neat if I could do this within the Monzo CA app to mark the value of the next payment and what date it will come out of my account.

This then might integrate with future features to predict what your balance will be through the month based on your fixed and variable standing orders and direct debits (or did I just invent something else there? :thinking: )