Total Spent Per Day 1

Thanks a lot for this suggestion :heart:

We’ve explored a few solutions for the same problem (“I want to know how much I spent on a day”) and for now we haven’t find a good solution yet. We’ll work harder :slight_smile:

The key of this is that structurally we don’t want to show any numbers in the feed if they don’t correspond with a transaction amount (basically, we want all numbers to be easy to scan and add up, so if we add partial totals the whole thing collapses and suddenly numbers can’t be compared because daily totals are way bigger).

However, I do think that our “pulse” graph will solve these problems eventually. One of the options is to have an extra layer of information in the graph showing vertical bars featuring spending per day, that way you can see quite easily the days that you spent the most, in other words…

:chart_with_downwards_trend: Balance
:bar_chart: Daily expenditure

All in the same graph. We’ll give it a go and share for feedback :smile: