A few features ideas

First I want to say that I love the concept, the app, the responsiveness… I can’t wait to switch to a full bank soon!
Here are a few comments and ideas that could be implemented quickly and even before the full bank features are live.

Total per days on the listing of all expenses
Total per month

Budgeting tool
Would be good if we could see how the different lines of budget categories add up as an overall monthly budget and track spend against that total as well
Sub-categories and custom categories
Yearly targets

Would be good if for every expenses we could save the extra cents that make it to the closest rounded pound amount and store this on a saving account. That would be a function that you could easily switch on/off

Cash flow
Top-Up (eventually income) vs expenses and monthly cash flow generated

Keep up the good work!!

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Welcome to the community Adrien :slight_smile:

So…displaying a total per day has been suggested a few times (search for Total Spent Per Day to find all of the posts), here’s Hugo’s comment on why it’s not been included in the app so far & a possible solution that’s being worked on -


The total per month is available in the Spending tab for both iOS & Android users.

My guess is you’re an Android user? Because there is a Targets feature which enables you to set budgets with the functionality that you’ve described for iOS users.


It’s on the roadmap for Android users.

Custom Categories have been addressed here -


And discussed in numerous threads since (just search for Custom Categories, to find those), I’m hopeful that subcategories will be the solution that’s implemented eventually to solve the custom categories problem :thumbsup: but we don’t know whether that’s something Monzo’s working on or if they have a different solution in mind yet…

Yearly Targets would possibly be available once this feature’s released -


Saving change has been discussed here -


And you might find the posts on integrations with Moneybox & Chip interesting too.

I would be interested to hear more about what you have in mind for the cash flow reporting though? What would that look like & how would you use that information?

And just to mention, the easiest way to check whether someone else has suggested your idea before, is to take a look at this post -


It’s generally best to avoid posting the same request twice, as it saves users repeating themselves & the good ideas being missed but it’s no problem if you do post a duplicate by mistake!


The feature to take a photo and post a note on a payment is great- could this be taken 1 step further where you could query a payment that way?

For example- My dad recently spent £3 with BA but £6 came out (in 1 transaction) he took a photo of the receipt and wrote a note on that payment- it would be great if he could click a button to query it- all the details are there.

If the fault was on BA’s side- you could reply saying that (ideally with customer support email address for BA)!



Hmm, not sure if I got that correctly, but within Monzo you can add both a note and an image. I could only check on Android device, note is searchable. Image as such is not searchable, though I expect that at one point in the future, we’ll be able to filter ‘any transaction with a photo’.

This is my recent Ocado payment, where I added photo and a note:

And that’s search for word ‘note’:

Firstly I’d love to say I love the concept of monzo, really makes budgeting and tracking spending so easy. I did however have two ideas to advance it further once there is a current account.

  1. Make the app compatible with excel for example, could mean you can prove for example your expenditure say you’re self employed and your expenses for the month can be shown on an excel document taken from your monzo card.

  2. On the back of point one I don’t know if it’s possible but potentially rather than having fuel receipts that are used for end of year tax rebates from travelling I was wondering if there was any way for monzo to get a digital copy of the fuel receipt in app or sent to your email address to save holding multiple receipts and potentially losing one, at the end of the year they could just be printed off and submitted.

Don’t know if they help at all or are possible but I just wanted to share,


I’m not talking about searching for it- more submitting it to Monzo as a query if there’s something wrong. For exanple my dad had taken a photo of the receipt shpwing he spent £3, but the monzo payment is £6 which he’s written in the note. If he could click a button to submit to be reviewed it might be helpful- the evidence is there!
Just an idea for the future! :slight_smile:


This sounds like an ideal way to dispute a transaction. You dispute it and creat a record for yourself in one go. Years ahead of the process at existing banks!

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Ah, I get it! On ios there’s already a method to report ‘something wrong’ for merchant data, so it’s not that far off. Monzo would need to implement some process for such complaints, but yeah, that’s good idea. :smiley:

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For number 1: You should be able to export to CSV on IOs and I think this is on the works for Android too.

For number 2: Digital receipts has been discussed in this forum before and there is a third party company looking into a possible solution but it’s not as simple as it sounds. More info elsewhere in this forum but the problem is that it is hard for Monzo to work out what the money was spent on, they would need to get this information from somewhere else as this is not currently passed to them by MasterCard when transaction is being processed. As a solution to you specific case, you could take photos of the actual receipts and attach them to the transaction, you can then search them at the end of year. I have written a very small script utilising the public API which pulls all expenses between two given dates and prints their information and attached photos to PDF.


You’re right - it’s a tough problem because the payment infrastructure today doesn’t support receipt level data. In order to get the full receipt in-app or otherwise there must be a relationship with the merchant. We will soon be rolling out Flux for Beta testing in central London working with retail partners such as EAT and Bel Air. There’s more coming than just receipts… we’ll update the forum on that soon :wink:

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