Broker account integration?

Apologies if this question has been asked since I am quite new here. I have been using HL as my brokerage account for quite a while now (great service btw).

Would it be great for Monzo to link with the likes of HL so that I can see both my banking and my investment accounts all in one place?


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Hi @emmaL,

Very fittingly, there is an app called EMMA, which will be far more likely to do this for you.

They have a HL option in their investments section, but currently it’s just a link to tweet HL that you want the integration!

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Thank you Nick. Emma (the app) is not a bank is it? It reads like an app that integrates various things. I can’t for example use it as I do with my Monzo card (don’t even know if Emma has a CA card)

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Nope, EMMA is an account aggregator.

So if they ever manage to get a HL integration, you would be able to see your HL balance, Monzo balance, and any other bank they support.

It’s a good place for an overview of your financial state if you have multiple bank accounts or other financial type accounts.

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Thank you Nick, I will give it a try, at least for the name -)

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