Top-Up/Lodgements - Tagging, Categories Rules & Forwarding

In the future I would love to see the same way we can tag spending, to tag/categorise incoming funds.

I think this feature would not only useful for similar reasons for the spending categories. But especially when implemented with other future features, such as savings accounts. Rules could be applied a different categories of new funding.

Whether I just sold my car, or a bunch of stuff under the bed or it’s my monthly income. We all use some help managing our money better.

Categories could be set up by users to automatically forward/divide new funds by percentage or set amounts to split between different savings and current accounts within Mondo.(Real or virtual)

e.g. £1000 new funds added, if Tagged ‘Wages’ would be divided among the following accounts

50% to Fixed Bills (Current Account)
10% to Investments (Savings Account)
5% to Rainy Day (Savings Account)
5% to Charity (Savings Account)
30% Guilt Free Spending (Current Account)

Or if I came into some money and in my mind I ‘ring fenced’ it for a specific purpose, I could apply another tag that would send it all directly to the savings account of my choice. E.g. ‘New Car’ or ‘Holiday’

Or again, a Filter could be applied before all of that (like a flow chart) for people using their accounts for Business to automatically Divide 20% for VAT, **% for Tax etc. Before having funds that are Safe to Spend.

The automation of fund allocation will massively help people manage and control their finances better. A massive thing for me, and one that would keep me as a customer for life.

Please feel free to pick holes in the idea and keep up the great work guys :+1:


This would be great for me. Being self employed, I could name the funds and also ringfence that 20% tax that HMRC get once a year.

I’d use this :+1:t2:

Don’t forget National Insurance and Pension!

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