Top 100 digital banks

Interesting list… I wonder why Monzo didn’t make the list

DIdn’t they? I’m afraid that image is beyond the scope of my [corrected] eyesight. How do I make it bigger please? R-

I’ve had my face pressed all the way up to screen… that’s as big as I could make it

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Not to worry - thanks for trying. R-

Nationwide are a digital bank?


I think if you click on the image I embedded in the post twice it’ll open full size


Because the list is bollocks?

The Kred Algorithm analyzes the Social Media Presence in a transparent manner and ranks the companies.

They didn’t actually look at the banking services.

Oh, and they can’t spell either.


Yup - I can mange that … pressed up against the screen :grinning: R-

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it’s weird because even RBS made the list

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Starling at number 72 also

That’s some random list mainly legacy :joy:


Can’t believe the Nigerian bank are not first, the Prince’s must not like it that much as they can’t be getting the proceeds from the emails they send out :joy:


Can’t help but notice Starling in there


Could it be digital banks that offer business accounts?

The Starling text - while it could be just general marketing blah, blah - states ‘manage your finances from your mobile or desktop’ and Starling offers desktop access to business accounts only?

If my far-fetched theory holds water, Monzo probably didn’t make it as their business account isn’t released from controlled beta yet.

By this definition, all banks are essentially digital. :roll_eyes:


What exactly is this list analysing? By ‘digital bank’, do they just mean a bank with a web presence (which is essentially all of them)?


Laughable, especially when you look at the “stats” this guys is tweeting out!

Still, this badboy is trending. It’s got all of 1 retweet even though he has 28k+ “followers”.

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By this definition I run a digital bank.


Is it a ‘top 100’ digital bank, by any chance?

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It seems to be based on app downloads. It’s the only criteria I can see making sense given the named in there and their respective order