Best and worst banks for 2019

Just to be fair, why there is no Starling Bank on that list, I wonder :smile:

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The article states “Not all banks appear in our table. That’s because we need a minimum of 30 people to respond to our survey to generate meaningful ratings. We’re always trying to increase our coverage.

I guess 29 or less forwarded information about Starling if that statement is true.

The result of them getting rid of their community site, i would guess :joy:

I think this might be a few months old.

But as soon as you see the participation numbers, the whole exercise becomes meaningless…

Sample sizes for our survey as follows: Monzo Bank 40, First Direct 299, Nationwide Building Society 397, Metro Bank 50, Marks and Spencer (M&S Bank) 93, Tesco Bank 188, Santander 393, Halifax 398, Co-operative Bank 97, Barclays 348, NatWest 388, Lloyds Bank 390, Danske Bank 34, Virgin Money 37, Clydesdale Bank 98, Bank of Scotland 236, Citibank 30, Yorkshire Bank 149, HSBC 390, Ulster Bank 39, Royal Bank of Scotland 288, TSB 347, Bank of Ireland 31


Yeh, looks that way :confused:

Very unlikely I’d suggest. I’m sure that , just like here, the customer base and the community membership were vastly different things.


Dunno. I am a customer and I seek for updates/news/etc here. I would do the same on Starling Bank community if there was one.

Anyways…I am thinking they closed the community because they didn’t want to hassle with the “i got my account blocked, i have 6 kids to feed, need this money asap” type of users/abusers/“launderers”.

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When I was looking to move from my legacy bank it was between Monzo and Starling. Apart form preferring the Monzo app, the fact Starling closed their community forum was actually a big factor for me - it showed a bit less transparency and willingness to engage.


Same here. I was pretty much full Starling for the month or so beforehand with a Monzo for experimentation and comparison and I moved to Monzo immediately after the forum closed


Monzo got 65 on product score
What does that mean

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