Tom Blomfield and other top bosses sold shares

I have no idea myself, but do you know if investors and/or staff have preferential shares in the case of a sale, IPO or if Monzo is sold below a certain price?.

I know JustPark gave investors preferential shares over people who crowdfunded.

I distinctly remember after the crowdfunding round that raised 20M, which was in addition to the £100M+ they’d raised from institutional investors, they declared that £10M if the shares sold were not newly issued, but were in fact those of their staff selling.

Therefore, I don’t think this should now come as a surprise.


By the way @Rika what other ways other then interchange and BoE interest does Monzo make money on a fully in customer like me? Do you get interchange on DDs and FPs?

The idea of spending 80% of your time on regulation brings tears to my eyes.

If only “boring” meant “easy”.

Bank of England interest, interchange, savings, referrals for energy switching, lending (overdrafts and loans), disputes makes income off handling fees to the other side, Business Banking directly charges, then there’s Monzo’s consumer paid offering that we have not given up on (I think business banking has shown that we can make a paid account that works well).

Almost all other fees are there to net out costs including (but not limited to) all ATM fees, international card delivery costs, and cash deposit costs.

In broad terms, Monzo makes more money as people use Monzo as their main account for their personal, joint, or business finances.

We are really focusing in on that lately, and what we can offer for those who have trusted us in terms of features. :hot_coral_heart:


Is this still a thing? I thought it was in beta but never actually fully released. In saying that it could be because i have a northern irish postcode i cant see this in app as i think it couldnt be done for us.

My main worry with this is that the more things get pushed into a paid for account the less likely i think people will want to use monzo as their primary account in favour of the chasing pack. Gunna be tough to get that balance right

Cool, I’m all in, so glad to be the focus!

I agree, and if you think we are getting that balance wrong, do say.

There are things that people want from Monzo that would not make sense to provide for free. The kind of features that are truly unique in the industry and cost money to both develop and run, but don’t have universal appeal.

Monzo’s mission is to make money work for everyone, but if you want Monzo to do that for you, I do not think that is unreasonable to charge for.


@Rika I just wanted to say thank you for engaging with the community so much recently, not just in this thread, but all over :slight_smile:


Not sure how that relates to this thread?


It’s relevance is that starling have now raised twice In the last 6 months while Monzo have been rumoured to be trying to raise since last year and now the rumours are at a 40% discount.

In that article:

Deal terms were not disclosed in Starling’s funding round.


That was the first thing I looked for when I saw the news, but there’s nothing disclosed anywhere about how the deal values Starling or what effect it may have on its valuation. Until more information is out, we simply have no idea if Starling have raised at current market value or at a discount.


These conversations seem rather circular these days, every few days there is a new thread on shares or Tom’s new role.

My experience in industry tells me it’s common for people at the top to shift roles, it’s not the best timing but it will give someone else a chance to run the show and Tom a chance to push forward things that he probably couldn’t or didn’t have time with.

I have shares in the bank like everyone else that brought into that round. We all knew the rules and there were plenty of notices going in that shares are not guaranteed to make money etc.

I also think this current COVID thing is slowing down innovation for many banks but that will undoubtedly change.


Fair point it does not mention the valuation so I have amended.

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