To Monzo, with love

@anon44204028 Did you use a UK passport for ID? Oder bist du :de:

My friend opened his account with TSB using a UK passport so that can’t have been the issue.

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I can picture it.

It was only 3 years ago that I attempted to get my girlfriend, who moved here from another country, an account. Barclays said we could have an appointment a week later, only to then tell us a week later that they had no record of making that appointment. :man_facepalming:

I am wondering when the tide turns with some of the antiquated outdated practices and procedures.

I am not saying we’ll be the one company that turns the entire industry on it’s head (although we certainly hope so) - but at the very least, posts like yours that show that this kinda stuff is still happening - in 2018!!! - prove that the genie is out of the bottle and you can’t put it back in.

I remember when we launched “Monzo With Friends” and for a few months, the people in my “friends” list in the app were people that I’d personally gotten to sign up, like my immediate friends and family. Slowly but surely, one person popped up that didn’t know I worked here. Then another, and another. It’s been amazing to watch :grinning:

@ollieparker - We love you back!!! :sparkling_heart: Delighting users is absolutely just as much about the small things as it is the big features. We have a couple “small things” UX wise that we plan on rolling out in the next couple of months that I think people will find incredibly delightful :grinning:


This is a great post! I’m using monzo as my main account after moving all my direct debits and salary. I stupidly tried to open an HSBC account in order to get the £150 and was then going to move straight back to monzo. But I got a letter to say the information I provided didn’t match their records, so ended up having to visit a branch and provide passport and bank statements.

After a month of no further correspondence I called them, they couldn’t find any record of me at all, not even with the reference number from their letter, I was advised I’d have to visit a branch so I did, again they couldn’t find anything. I’ve now filed a complaint as I find it worrying they’ve taken such sensitive information and lost it.

I’m still waiting for a response, but if they said tomorrow they’ve found it and can open an account I’d refuse. Daft of me to even think of leaving monzo, even if it was for free money and a short period of time, its more hassle than its worth.


So how about use Monzo day to day, open Starling/Metro and set up two charity DDs for £2 each then use that as your CASS offers ‘base’ account for switching from/to? :bulb:

Settle salary requirements by running a SO from Monzo to base account to new CA back to Monzo.

LOL… Pretty much what I and my wife (and probably 1000’s of others) have been doing to keep our Santander123 savings^H^H^Hcurrent accounts getting interest. Exactly the same amount out & in the same day :slight_smile:

Back to the OPs post - Even “back in the day” (1995?) the experience opening a FirstDirect account was better than what you experienced at Lloyds. Forget it being like 2001, more like 1981!! (of course, no online option to reject you as pretty much no-one except complete nerds where online in 1995!)

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This entire post has made me so happy :hot_coral_heart: Thank you so much for your lovely words @ollieparker!


Love this thread - internet banking like Monzo v traditional banking - no contest. PS I’m of a certain age so it’s not just for the kids! :kiss:


Today has been another prime example of legacy banking vs. Monzo. I’ve recently moved house. Changing my address in the Monzo app was a breeze. I went into the app, changed my address and authenticated it with a finger print. Done. Lloyds on the other hand made me call up, take all my details and then told me they can’t change addresses over the phone so I have to go into a branch. :unamused:


Amazing how you offer “feedback” to traditional high street banks as they “pass it on”. Then they send you stock letters asking why you are leaving!!!

Really well written! I struggle to understand why you would trust a corporation with your entire lives savings - the money people often spend their entire lives saving - to a bank where you have no idea what they are doing with your money, or how their business is being run.

I love the transparency of Monzo and I feel safe and confident knowing the ethos every member of staff seem to follow!

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