Timehop Data Breach

FYI for anyone that uses Timehop :frowning:

Just noticed this on macrumors. I did use time hop many years ago for about a day but I can’t remember if I deleted the account or not :confused:

I had it but didn’t use it, about to delete my account now. :confused:

Not good that they got access to key’s on top of email and phone numbers.

It does also admit that the tokens could “theoretically” have been used for unauthorized users to access Timehop users’ own social media posts during “a short time window” — although again it emphasizes “we have no evidence that this actually happened”.

Luckily these were read only.

I’ve just got an email from Timehop detailing the incident, explaining what was breached, clarifying the steps taken to prevent this from happening/ what they’re doing to investigate, and explained key terms used in the email. I’m really impressed at how comprehensive it is. I would post it, but it’s way too long. It’s crazy how many people use Timehop though!

Yeah I didn’t think it was that popular.
I decided to close my account as I don’t use it anymore. The CEO Matt replied so seems like by have all hands on deck support wise at the moment.