Time Limits On Pots

(Curtis Anthony Dean Farrar) #1

In order to help you save you, should be able to lock pots, so that you can’t withdraw money from them until a certain date and time. However you could set a rule that says if my account falls below £X then allow withdrawals from pots.


This please. Would be super useful for nights out - could lock your cash away so you can’t spend too much.

(Ghost) #3

Definitely agree, it would be good to have this BUT with an option to speak to a customer service adviser to unlock it (if it was absolutely necessary).

(Curtis Anthony Dean Farrar) #4

This is a good example of when, you could use a pot with a feature like this, another example would be your saving up for a holiday or for Christmas and you want to make sure you have money put a side, ready for when these events, come around.

(#savetheseabass) #5

Would you not put that in the savings pot to earn interest when it’s launched?

(Curtis Anthony Dean Farrar) #6

Good idea, so when your setting up your time lock on your pot, you should be able to select exceptions, like money in your main account falls below £X or you can select unlock through customer support. You could also have a option, you could select witch allows you to pick a friend/trusted contact that, can unlock the pot for you.

(Curtis Anthony Dean Farrar) #7

You could put your money into the Savings pot, but this is for pots for savings for things like a holiday or buying something. You could use the savings pot for one of these things, like saving up for a holiday. But if you’re someone who finds it difficult, to not go into your savings then this would prevent you from doing so.