Besides Starling and Tide, what’s the best business account with an API?

(Andre Borie) #1

I’m looking for a modern business account with an API. I don’t mind paying good money in the form of fees or whatever - I just want a no bullshit account and an API.

I’ve opened a Starling one hoping they’d offer the API they have on their consumer accounts but no luck - I’m considering reverse-engineering their app but in the meantime does anyone know any other modern banks with proper APIs?

I’ve currenty applied for Tide so we’ll see tomorrow or next Monday what it’s about - unfortunately they still don’t have Apple Pay and they’re not a bank - merely an e-money institution which means no FSCS protection.

Anyone has other ideas?

Thanks! :heart:

Neat is a challenger bank for early-stage startups and SMEs
(Jack - Customer of Monzo) #2

I keep seeing adverts for this:

Not sure what plans they have in terms of API :thinking:.

Just noticed their company name is Monizo Ltd trading as Coconut