The Monzo Reliability Report: How we're building a bank you can rely on

In the last 12 months we’ve made Monzo much more reliable. And our goal is for everyone to be able to depend on Monzo as their main account.

Our head of engineering @oliver explains how we’ve made things better, and what we’ll do to keep improving it in the future :muscle:

Have a read, take a look at the data, and let us know what you think!


This is really great reading. Transparency is critical and I really like that Monzo arent afraid to report on problems. This helps to maintain trust between the business and the customer.

On a personal level I have never had any problems using Monzo either access to the mobile app, transfers or other transactions. I would say that Monzo is very reliable and I dont need a second card as backup as others have suggested.

Keep up the good work.


Great post!

As @krr13 has also mentioned, I’ve never been affected by an outage. But it’s great that it’s now even more clear that Monzo take up-time seriously.

Hopefully it will be reassurance to some users who are concerned about going #FullMonzo


Here’s a link to Monzo’s status page for anyone that hasn’t seen it


Love the fact there is a status page and new Twitter account!


Good to see twitter account for downtime’s.


I appreciate that July isn’t quite over yet, but July alone has had a number of major outages, which I have definitely been affected by. I was told via twitter and in-app that these issues were Mastercard’s fault.

While this blog entry is a good read, it doesn’t address issues upstream with Mastercard, and what could be done to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

“Unfortunately, the Mastercard network had a partial outage starting at 6.05pm that caused some payments to decline”.

I have personally been affected by more issues since current accounts went live than the time I was part of the beta (oct 2016). Naturally, this affects my more now I’ve closed all my other accounts and gone full Monzo.