The Monzo Current Account Preview

Sorry if I’ve missed the answer to this, at 430 comments in I may have skimmed one or two!

Two time investor and a very happy Monzo convert, I received an invite, for which I’m very grateful but in hindsight getting from deepest darkest Cornwall just isn’t looking viable!

When was it looking likely that cards would be able to be distributed by post? Guessing it will it require the app to be out of test flight and fear that’ll hold it up for a while. I’m sure I can wait just a little longer but my fear of missing out is killing me right now!

Also, whilst the Q&A the other day clarified there’ll be no unarranged overdrafts (we’ll all be better off for it) will there be the function I have with Natwest & Lloyds to alert me in the morning that an outgoing direct debit would leave me overdrawn - prompting to provide cleared funds by 15:30 (a seemingly arbitrary but consistent deadline).
Perhaps I’m just missing the “Monzo way” here given that you’ll know the DD is approaching and fair warning can be given in advance.


As far as I know, the team haven’t told us this yet (they may reply today of course) I’m afraid.

There’s a few things that’re worth bearing in mind here -

  • If you don’t have the funds in your account, the overdraft will simply bounce & you won’t be charged any fees as a result (source)
  • Monzo will know 24 hours before the DD is due to be taken so they should be able to give you a heads up. But that feature hasn’t been announced yet.
  • Monzo does list your scheduled payments in the current account app so you’ll alway have that for your reference -

IMG_3527 | IMG_3528

PS - in case there’s anything else that you’re wondering, you might find the answer in this Wiki which lists everything that we know about the current accounts & debit cards so far.


Thanks @alexs swift thoughtful response as ever, and at entirely unreasonable hour!

Will have a dig thru the Wiki again and keep an eye out for developments.


all present and correct with PayPal :v:paypal monzo


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I emailed Thames Water to push them to accept the Monzo CA sort code, I then got an automatic reply saying that they would ‘strive’ to reply within 10 days. YES, 10 DAYS.

I have now received another automatic reply asking for feedback on their non-existent response to my first email. Fantastic customer support system. :-1:.


Ha yep – likewise! Let’s see who gets the ‘speediest’ response from Thames :laughing:

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If you hit them where it hurts (in their wallet) by not paying until they accept your sort code you’ll usually get a much quicker response. :wink:


I have this funny feeling that legacy banks - yep that’s what I think we should name them - are going to start feeling very hot under the collar in the next year when new digital banks, like Monzo and others, can offer instant chat customer service.

The trouble is I think these big banks are so wrapped up in policy, legislation, and procedure that funnily enough the responses you get from them are all pre-determined copy and pasted lines and yet they communicate this through either an outdated letter system or via email and they are often really poor at understanding the issue (and it takes another email to clarify, which is another 10 days before anything gets done)

:sweat_smile: It’s going to get embarrassing for them when others can actually do simple things like helping a customer quickly and efficiently.


I’ve added Nutmeg to the list that aren’t currently recognising the sort code. They’re looking into it and I’ve let the Monzo team know. I know Nutmeg and Monzo are collaborating so fingers crossed that’ll be a fairly quick fix.

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What’s the betting moneybox don’t recognise the sort code either? :wink:

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Norwich & Peterborough.

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Edit: I removed my earlier comment, I was tiny bit misinformed! :smiley:

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Very exciting times, cannot wait to get the current account. Counting down the days :grin:

What’s this event? Were all investors invited? Seem to have missed any form of invite or even hearing about this. Hmm…

How does one register for this test phase? Maybe I failed to read an email…

Have a read through of the original blog post here and make sure you’re happy with the more specific terms:

As you’re also a :rocket: crowdfunding investor - be aware that you need to know the below as well:

Just to clarify in both circumstances you will receive your :monzo: investor card once they’re ready!

If you’re happy with this then go ahead and register your interest! :sunglasses:


Vodafone - the list of merchants says that you cannot add your details online. I successfully did after the first CA release. Can anyone confirm that it worked for them and we can cross it off the list?

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