The Mondo Stack

(Ryan Stubbs) #1

I find it quite interesting to discover which technologies the websites and apps I use make use of and wondered if the team would be willing to share?

I had a look on StackShare and couldn’t find anything :worried:

(Richard Dingwall ) #2

Hi @ryan! Great question! We’re currently using:

  • Website and blog: Jekyll, Github pages, Cloudflare :earth_africa:
  • API documentation: Slate
  • Developer dashboards: React, Bootstrap
  • Community forum: Discourse :speech_balloon:
  • iOS app: Swift, Objective-C, Realm, AFNetworking, KIF, OHHTTPStubs, FBSnapshotTestCase :iphone:
  • Backend: Go, Cassandra, NSQ, RabbitMQ, etcd, Mesos, InfluxDB, Graphite :gear:

If you’re interested you can read more info here about how we do testing: :white_check_mark:

… and a great talk from @matt did at a conference in Australia that explains some of the distributed architecture behind Mondo :slight_smile:

And we publish a few of our internal libraries and tools on GitHub: :wrench: