The Makers Podcast with Tom Blomfield

One of my latest guests on The TBE Podcast is Tom Blomfield, co-founder at Monzo Bank - one of the most transparent banks changing the way we save and spend. We talk about:

  1. The growth of Monzo

  2. When will Monzo IPO

  3. How to build a transparent company

  4. How Monzo raised £20m in under three hours

  5. Future plans plus so much more…



Enjoy :smile:


Thanks Ollie!

Here’s the feed link for other podcast apps

The TBE Podcast by Ollie Forsyth:

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When does it go live?

It’s already live! It’s on the links!

Thanks so much!

My bad. I don’t use either of those services and can’t find it on Radio Public my usual go to for Podcasts

Thats a great shout thanks, it is now on Radio Public for you -

Interesting that Tom said they tried £5/£5 incentives but users favoured gifting the full £10 to new customers

Yet this month they have just launched the £5/£5 again



Post Christmas market research I guess what did you think of the podcast and what do you think I could do differently next time? Thanks!

Hoping that it’ll show up here soon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Same here :sunny:

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Scroll back to the December 9th episode :wink:

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You’re my hero!


I thought this would be a new episode?! :eyes:

Thank you :yum:

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Just listened to this podcast! :blush: Really enjoyed it, very awesome podcast :sunglasses: Tom interviews so well!! :sunglasses:

Super cool to see the direction monzo continue to go, I can’t believe how fast everything’s moving along :tada:

@Dannytc, you got a mention around 15 minutes before the end :grin:

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Thanks so much @nexusmaniac - it would be greatly appreciated if you could leave a review on the podcast site if you can :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed it too thanks for jumping through hoops to make it available for me.

Maybe get AC from Dozens on sometime soon? Would like to see what can be prized out of him!


Yeah top draw :+1: interesting listen

Asked the right questions, seemed to have good rapour and gained more of an insight into Monzo

Thanks so much @Codf. Please could I ask you to leave a review if it was on Apple Podcasts?

AC is a great shout, I have emailed them!


Thanks so much @neovo. If you listened on Apple Podcasts, please can I ask you to leave a review?

Do you have any recommendations for any future guests?