Monzo featured on BBC 5 live's Wake Up to Money

Tom was interviewed this morning and spoke about fraud prevention and Monzo more generally:

Starts just over 20 minutes into the programme.


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Tom is getting really really good at these ones. He was always good at the ones where he was preaching to the choir, but the ones with a panel of skeptics and haters he often got pushed around a bit. Now he handles the loaded questions really expertly and comes out on top.

It must be much easier for him when he’s in charge of the fastest growing bank than when he was in charge of a prepaid card with some thousands of users, but all along he’s been saying exactly the same things.


That guy going on about growth and asking about business accounts and that you need the business accounts for the money to roll in and for your growth to explode. :roll_eyes:

I think they were genuinely nonplussed that Monzo didn’t launch and immediately offer every financial product a legacy bank that’s been around for centuries does. And that there was some insane need for customer growth to be monumentally bigger than 1million+ in a year.

I don’t think they understand the main appeal of Monzo. The customer service experience, the app features and the culture.


Tom has the most vision of any CEO I’ve ever worked with. 2 years ago when I started, he knew what he wanted the product to look like now. Some stuff took longer than we thought, and some stuff was faster, but the vision was largely the same.

Same goes for now - he knows where the ship should be headed and knows how to assemble the right team to get us there.

It’s funny, I saw some discussion somewhere else a while back from some cynical folks centred around the fact that Tom has a 100% employee approval rating on Glassdoor. They suggested that it wasn’t accurate or that perhaps we had been somehow asked to inflate these stats. Well, nobody has ever asked us to do anything like that, and I’d put money on the fact that you could run an anonymous poll on all staff and get a similar result. It’s not about personality (although having a good one helps!) - it’s simply about the fact that he’s a damn good CEO.


Just listened to the second part about fraud and security. Tom goes on about how communication between banks needs to improve so that they can catch and refund instances of spear phishing much better and quicker - and the other people just go on about people giving away 3rd and 7th password numbers… Yes, people have to be educated to spot signs of this fraud but banks are inevitably going to have to get much better at detecting and hopefully refunding it.

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