The Google Feed

Anyone else finding that the Google Feed (the stream when you open up the Google app) is just rubbish. I remember in the Google Now days when it used to give me loads of useful info but these days it’s just filled with crap.

I’ve spent more time than I care to admit telling it that I’m not interested in this or that topic/publication and to be frank it seems stupider than Siri at learning anything. Google knows where I am at any moment better than I do but it still constantly shows me stories for the most random UK towns which are nowhere near me.

The only thing I actually find useful any more are the sports scores. Other than that it’s just wasting the left most screen on my phone.

Yes it seems to be getting worst and showing a lot more tabloid articles and some which are just just not relevant at all.
My google feed also shows topics from Monzo Community.

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Completely agree!

Mines pretty good. Although I did have to prune it a lot. I had to black list a bunch of local(but not local to me) news sites and the usual junk like Dailymail etc.

Although I will say it seems to be obsessed with pop culture and reality TV which I hate - but I imagine that’s because it’s largely based on what the majority are interested in.

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But that’s kind of my point. What’s the point of Google sucking up all my data and asking me what I like for it to only then sever up generic tat?

So much for all their ML prowess. Anyone reading this forum could work out my interests without much effort.

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