Living in the Future

Since Monzo is the bank of the future, what things have happened to you in your daily life that made you realise that we really are living in the future? :yum:

Today I went to change the binbag in the kitchen. As I pulled a new bag out of the packet, the bag had a little note on it telling me that I was running low on bags and that the best thing to do to avoid this happening would be to download their app :grin:

I now also have Google Home in every room. It’s second nature now, but thinking about it, just bring able to speak in any room to control the lights, the heating, hear the news, set reminders, listen to music, move money around, and even broadcast a message from one room to another is pretty insane when I think about it!


when Alexa understands Glasgow accents then I’ll know we’re living in the future :rofl:


There was an episode in the first series of black mirror that showed a future where steps and exercise meant food and rewards, freaked me out at first… We now have step count apps that give discounts and cash for steps, and IFTTT applets that make you save by walking …


Even though it’s not a new thing, I still find Google Maps with live traffic data pretty amazing


Oh god that episode was so close to home. Terrifying!


telling me that I was running low on bags and that the best thing to do to avoid this happening would be to download their app

The app that will no doubt track you and try get as much data as possible out of you. What a bright future indeed. :joy:

Tech doesn’t really impress me that much - becoming a developer completely removed any feeling of “magic” when you have an idea of what’s happening behind the scenes.

Medicine and science are the most impressive for me, and I can’t wait to see what other breakthroughs they have in store. :+1:


Got a push notification from the bin app earlier telling me the bank holiday bin arrangements. Saves me looking in the local paper :sunglasses:


That my children are thrown when we go somewhere and they can’t choose what to watch.
Linear TV is so alien to them. They’re used to iPlayer, Plex, Netflix, and Amazon Prime letting them have their own schedule.

They don’t realise not all screens are touch either. They default to trying to use the screen to control things.

They do however still move the Xbox controller as if it will steer the car better. Some things never change.


When the home lights flash and turn yellow or red because smoke was detected, and the smoke alarm is talking to me not just bleeping.


When you’re phone learns your routine.
It advises you it’s time to leave to get to the destination you’re going to on time.

Had it pop up this morning before I left for work saying the traffic would make my travels slightly longer.


Really is a ‘rubbish’ app!


Not something new, much the opposite, but records fascinate me. I understand how mp3s work, but a piece of plastic with a groove in can create the same sound just blows my mind.


Long live vinyls!!


Hell yeah.

Just picked up an incredibly rare 1981 Prince vinyl - the UK 12" of “Gotta Stop Messin’ About” - got it for £50 but seen it go for £200 before.

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How does the app know how many bags you have left?

BMW is equally as useless with accents, I found if you shout at it in a scouse accent it usually manages ok, although recently Alexa has gone downhill a lot. It barely gets stuff right and keeps talking randomly throughout the day :frowning_face:

For a while mine didn’t understand CD’s and why there was no video.
The youngest is 2 years old, he can enter a phone pin, find youtube, navigate to what he wants by clicking recent videos and recommended stuff.


I know when it’s the future when discourse forums swap the placement of username and name at the top of posts. Didn’t used to be that way round did it? :face_with_monocle:


Wasn’t me!!!

Must be a change on Discourse’s end.

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What’s new? Looks the same to me?

Does it only change on mobile maybe? Right now on desktop I see them as normal.

It doesn’t, it just enables you to get a recurring order. Which I could just as easily do on Amazon, so… shrugs

Oh well, some devs somewhere got paid to make an app for a bin company. Good on them, I guess :joy:

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