The Exchange: Fixing Technical Interviews 13/06/17 Event Debrief

(Naji Esiri) #1

Event synopsis:

What does it take to build a world-class engineering team? How do organisations ensure a brilliant experience for candidates every step of the way? Each month we’ll invite people from tech-focused organisations doing amazing things, to share their experiences and compare notes on finding and hiring great engineers.

The first event focuses on the initial stages of the hiring process. What are the strongest signals of ability in a CV, and how do you use these without having a homogenous team? Are contributions to open source software a requirement? How do you balance a low-friction application experience for candidates with getting all the information you need?

Join us for an evening of short talks, Q+A and thought provoking discussion with:

Jonas Huckestein, Chief Technology Officer at Monzo

Jackson Gabbard
; previously at Facebook as a tech lead and founding member of the London engineering team

Anna Roe, Recruitment Lead at Transferwise

Presentation slides for Jonas and Anna here

The Exchange: Fixing Technical Interviews Part 1. from Monzo
The Exchange: Fixing Technical Interviews Part 3. from Monzo

@jonas will be around to answer any related questions you might have so please feel free to post questions or talking points below!

Thanks to everyone who came along, we hope to catch you at the next Exchange event sometime soon.

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