The Dance Off Thread

It’s time. Let’s not let any of that fake news about Monzo Plus distract us. Clearly they’ve just scrambled together to release it to take away from the real surprise.

@Peter_G @tjvr

Let’s go!




Don’t forget to warm up first


As @tjvr didn’t step up, does that mean he loses?


I’m so sorry for not posting earlier. Did you see it? It was epic!

@tjvr opened with a bit of a shimmy and a some inventive street jazz shapes.

I responded with a Coral Crew special: the hand jive and a variant on the Gangnam Style.

Tim countered with a surprise ‘holo blue’ cha cha cha and what I believe was part of an S Club 7 dance routine.

Stakes were high, so I tried to interpret connected cards through the medium of expressive riverdance. He parried with a beautiful interpretation of accelerated round-ups set to Iron Maiden.

The last thing I remember was the opening bars of Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing, Tim running towards me and leaping - at which point it all went a bit black.

I’ve now got a headache, but I’m reliably told was a draw and we both get to keep the blue avatar. :large_blue_circle: :blue_heart:

Thanks to Discourse for organising, the Monzo Plus development squad for being in @tjvr’s corner, and for the whole of the Coral Crew past and present for the support and cheerleader routine. It wasn’t necessary but really helped during the difficult ballet number.

Now, apparently there was some other news today. Any clues?


Sorry, missed it. I can imagine it was epic though, blue avatars at stake means blood,sweat & tears.

Congrats to the winner and to the loser. It’s not about winning, it’s about trying.

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And here I was, thinking there would be a glorious victory of the coveted holographic blue avatar.

Maybe that’s next week.

Was a glorious dance off, and I for one am glad we were part of it

May the odds be ever in your favour.


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