The cashless society is a con – and big finance is behind it


Ha, the demographic is sadly getting on a bit!

Where do you play!?


This article is so biased :man_facepalming:

Since going cashless - I’ve far greater control of my money tbh. I can trace exactly down to the penny where I’ve spent and when. No more awkward moments of having odd pennies here and there and not knowing what to do with them.

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You could pay it into Monzo…Oh wait…Sorry no you can’t.


If you do get any change, keep the pennies for the day you can pay cash into monzo! Might have a nice amount to treat yourself with !


It’s an opinion piece. Balance isn’t a requirement.


Car boot sales and markets would be terrible without cash.


Get every sale at the card boot via ha ha


Unfortunately there’s places in the south west that have markets that you barely get phone signal at. So 3g card readers don’t work either :frowning:


I went to a rural pub two weeks ago which was cash only. Landlady had to drive me to the next village for cash. ATM was expensive, so went in PO, and Monzo was refused! Cant wait for the end of cash, but will be at least ten years…

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Satellite! :wink:

Or offline transactions.

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I stopped reading this article! I eye rolled massively at the line “got a letter from my bank saying they are closing branches because customers are choosing digital options. I’m one of those customers but have never asked them to close branches.” The stupidest thing I’ve heard/ read today!

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This makes me happy :blush:

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My dad works full time for a company with 800 employees. He still gets his salary paid in cash :confounded: he likes it this way :man_facepalming:t3:. Something about dividing it up and passing an amount over to his wife to put into his account for bills then keeping the rest for spending.

(Jack) #54

I’ve made my views on this clear before. I’m for cashless all the way. It’s more secure, faster and more convenient.

The only time I touch cash is when I take out cashback to pay for drinks at my local pub or pay at car parks (although a lot have card readers now or the annoying pay by text/phone).

I generally avoid places that don’t accept card these days. There’s plenty of choice. If one barbers doesn’t there often one that does down the road etc.

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This is interesting as I tend to tip if the machine asks. I probably wouldn’t think if I paid with cash as much.


In deepest darkest Suffolk. Haven’t been for a few weeks, but just heard my son won the table tennis comp at Center Parcs so I must be teaching him well…or he’s just better than me!

(Cheryl) #57

Very much for a cashless society.

I live cashless. I confused people at work the other day when they asked me to take part in a sweepstake. None could quite appreciate that I wouldn’t join in because I never, ever use cash. It wasn’t a case of not having £1 on me that day, so I could just owe it, but that I would never have the £1 on me to pay what I owed.

That said, whilst I never use cash myself I did find myself twice a couple of months ago withdrawing £10 notes to go in birthday cards. Somehow, asking someone for their bank details for their birthday doesn’t seem quite as elegant as a solution. Would be great if we could, say, generate a code to write in a card, and the recipient could enter the code somewhere to retrieve the money at their convenience to their account.


I’d say i’m 99% cashless but the recent payment outages with Visa/Mastercard show me that there is still a role for cash to play. I wouldn’t want cash to disappear by any means but I would prefer to be able to choose what to use in all shops/hairdressers etc. I try to use Apple Pay where I can but I do still have some small amount of cash on me now due to those outages


Anyone in Manchester city centre know of any barbers that don’t charge over odds which will take cards? It’s the last hurdle!

(Jack) #60

You could buy a hedge trimmer on a card? May be cheaper in the long run, thoughts? :smile: